It all started two years ago after taking two sabbatical years on a sailboat. At that time I began to incubate the idea of developing my first collection, what the collection should represent and I wanted it to be sustainable.

I was very shocked during the trip to see plastic on the beaches and in the ocean, with the consequences we all know this could have for the environment. The trip gave me the opportunity to go to new places, meet new people and admire all kinds of architecture, art, incredible boutiques, and beautiful people very committed to caring for the environment.  It made a significant impact on me so I decided to make changes, be part of that little wave of people who want to improve and heal our planet from the wounds left by our polluting behaviours.

The Brissus women’s swimwear collection is synonymous with respect for nature and human beings. The collection is made by fabrics created from plastics and recycled bottles, as well as bio and sustainable materials. Always, looking for a minimal impact on the natural environment and its living beings.

Brissus is a Finnish brand based in Helsinki. It was born based on my personal commitment, with the mission of taking advantage of the natural resources that our planet gives us. Birssus is trying to improve the quality of the seas and oceans as well as preventing plastics from ending up in the sea.

Creative Director & Founder

After years working as a designer in the world of fashion I decided to start
creating my own fashion brand for women.
From the beginning, I always wanted to create something new by
producing from raw materials with a commitment to sustainability,
respect for human beings and the environment.

Maria Reverón