We do not use metallic cup-support in our swimsuits. We put a lot of emphasis on the cut to matching well to the female silhouette, as well as the great elasticity of the polyamide fabric with which we make our garments. We want our swimsuits and bikinis to be comfortable garments that give maximum freedom of movement.

We use recycled polyamide of 190 gr with an elasticity of 22% in Lycra Xtra Life. Our swimsuits and bikinis have a double lining in the same fabric quality fabric on both, outside and inside. We do not use the usual lining fabrics in our swimsuits. We want to manufacture a high-quality swimsuit in which the elastic function that gives us 22% of Lycra works on par both outside and inside the garment; this gives great support and elasticity, as well as greater durability of the garment.

The finishes of our swimsuits and bikinis are equally careful to the detail; we want to achieve not only an aspect of quality in the garment but also great durability and resistance in the seams. The sewing technique used is a partly seamless or double stitch. The internal labelling of the garment is carried out with a transfer, and it provides all the information about the garment during its entire lifetime, including the QR code that redirects our client to an informative page about sustainability and his swimsuit care.