I am in love with the sea and nature in general, especially sea creatures. The company logo represents a strange aquatic creature; a Brissus, also known as Potuna in my native land. The Brissus is a species of sea urchin that inhabits sandy beaches and lagoons, they hide under the sand and are very difficult to find. In my childhood, I grew up and enjoyed playing a few meters from the beach; my games were swimming and diving.

I already picked Brissus from the sand lagoons, dried them and decorated them with colours. Nowadays Brissus are protected in many parts of the world. For a long time, I have been aware of how little we care for the sea and its sea creatures. I suffer seeing the amount of plastic I find in the sea every time I sail. I am very aware that we must recycle and make responsible use of raw materials, especially the recycling and reduction of polymers for the essential care of our planet. The collection is manufactured following environmental standards and respect for human beings. Brissus is a sustainable brand.

If you wish to be part of people’s wave who do care for our planet; then contribute with reasonable, and sustainable consumption. Be less polluting and more respectful of the environment.  Consume less, but made of better qualities; buy products that last a longer the use; recycle belongings when you stop using them, and I recommend not buying express fashion. By purchasing beautiful designs that make you fall in love with clothes, you’ll keep them longer in your closet.

You can join as I have, with some of the major world organizations who care and protect our beautiful world’s creatures and the ecosystem of our planet.